Tutorial on How to Make a Patio with Pavers

How To Make a Patio With Pavers
How to make a patio with pavers? That question perhaps has been asked time and time again over the course of the history. It is true that a patio can easily be built from just about any material known to men, but we cannot deny the fact that pavers always come on top of the list. Yes, it is just difficult to find another material that can compare to that of pavers. Not only are they considerably cheaper in terms of cost, they are also incredibly easy to install. Some people will insist that pavers cannot be considered cheaper due to the higher initial cost, but when you take into account the fact that once they are installed, you no longer have to continuously seal or stain it – you will see just how affordable they actually are.

Easy maintenance, and low cost – the best of both worlds. If you are going to launch a DIY patio project over the summer, you are on the right page as this article is written exclusively for that matter. Here we are going to give a step-by-step tutorial on how to easily create your own patio from this versatile material.

Tips and Tricks; As Well As Tools and Materials Needed

Just like any other do-it-yourself project, laying down the groundwork in the beginning is one the most important steps. Before we go into business, let’s talk about the tools and materials needed to get the job done. See the following for the complete list.
• Tools: rake, push broom, work gloves, level, tape measure, sledgehammer, spade, wheelbarrow, tamper, wet saw, rubber mallet, shovel.
• Materials: gravel, paving stones, string, landscaping fabric, sand, stakes, edging material, landscape spikes.

Once you have gathered all you need, begin measuring out your surface area in order to create the layout. Before you start digging, it will be easier if you make a layout using stakes and strings – this way you will know where to dig and not to dig. Once finished, determine your patio height using a measuring tape. Make sure it is above the surrounding surface so that rainwater will not easily get into it; also make sure to leave at least an extra 6-inches for both the sand and gravel foundation.

Pavers Patio: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Now that you have finished with the groundwork, you may start tamping the surface firmly to reach the desired height. Then, in order to protect the base from weeds and wet soil, lay down commercial-grade fabric intended for landscaping then fill the entire surface of the area with 4-inches of crushed gravel layer before you top it off with a bed of sand. Make sure the surface is level and even, and by the end of this step, prepare to screed said sand layer using aluminium edging. Once finished, lay the edging following your perimeter and secure it with 8-inches nails. You may then create a chalk line and place the pavers using the line as a guide. Be sure to place the outer row in a manner that is perpendicular to the previous inner row. There you have it, the how to make a patio with pavers tutorial.

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