Patio Roof Support Posts Ideas

Patio Roof Support Posts

Patio Roof Support Posts

Patio roof support posts are playing an important role for your patio. Since it is a part of an exterior of your home, especially your patio. The design, the color, the materials used should be suitable with the design of your patio. The exterior of your patio will be more attractive, unique, and impressive with the right choice of patio roof support post. There are a lot of ideas of it, and here are some of them.

Simple Classic Natural Stone

Natural stone is known as a building material that has long term endurance. It is resistant to water and extreme weather. So that it is suitable to be used as the material for support post of your patio roof, especially if you patio is designed with minimalist look. You do not have to paint the natural stone support post, because the natural color of the stone has its own uniqueness to beautify your patio.

If you want your patio is looked with classic minimalist style, you are able to choose mountain style with the natural stone for your support post. In mountain style, the natural stone is arranged to be dimensional trapezoidal shape. This kind of style will bring a classic village to your patio. You are able to add wooden materials in the sides to make the style looks even stronger.

Round and Fancy

If you choose round and fancy style for the support post of your patio roof, you will bring modern look, contemporary look, and also European look to your patio in your house. You are able to use natural stone materials for this kind of support post, but it will be quite expensive. For alternative, you are able to choose concrete materials since it is cheaper. Even though your patio is in minimalist design, round and fancy support post of patio roof will make your patio looks fancy and modern. The architecture of this kind of support post will make your patio looks outstanding.

Modern 2 Floors

If you have a 2 floors house, you are able to apply the idea of modern 2 floors of support post for your patio roof. A little bit different from the ideas of 1 floor support post of patio roof, this kind of style of support post is able to support 2 different relaxing areas, patio on the first floor and may be a balcony on the second floor. If you decide to choose this style of support post for you patio roof, it will be better if you use natural stone materials. It is because natural stone materials are proven that they are able to support the patio roof well and they have a long term endurance.

You are able to choose natural stone materials for the whole support post, or you are also able to combine it with other materials such as concrete materials or wooden materials. The combination will make a beautiful contrast for your patio. This is one of ideas of patio roof support posts.

Whatever style and building material which you choose for your patio roof support posts, it is required to get them support the ideas about how to attach a patio roof to your existing house.

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