Patio-logy: Rectangle Patio Table Umbrella

Rectangle Patio Table Umbrella

Rectangle Patio Table Umbrella

Umbrellas of many kinds are available if you want to install them on your patio table, but do you know that there are rectangle patio table umbrella for you to pick? It might sound weird remembering that umbrellas are often shaped like a half circle, but a rectangular umbrella is a much more necessary choice if you are looking for an umbrella for your patio table.


Because the Rectangular Shape Makes It Look Bigger, Therefore Protecting More of You

While the size is debatable, one thing that cannot be debatable is the law of physic. The application of that can be seen in this example: say that you are holding two kinds of umbrellas. The first umbrella is shaped like your ordinary umbrella (the half circle), while the second umbrella is rectangular. When it rains, the first umbrella might be easier to open, but because it is a half circle, the drops of water that ‘slide’ on top of the umbrella will eventually fall just next to you. The law of physics work in a way that it make a few drops of water drop inside thanks to the curvature of the half-circle umbrella. You will eventually get wet if you stand under the half-circle umbrella for far too long.

Next, you got the rectangular shaped umbrella. It is hard to open because it is big, but when it meets the drops of water, big chance that it will keep you from getting wet for a long time. There will be smaller chance of water drops hitting you thanks to the momentum generated by the flatter surface of a rectangular umbrella. Because the momentum is bigger, the water droplets will go faster, hence making you safer from the risk of wetting yourself.

Because It Fits All Kinds of Tables

Say that you have a round table. Common sense indicates that for a round table, you will need a round umbrella for your table. There is nothing wrong with that, and no one will mock you for getting a round umbrella for your round table.

But what if you got a rectangular table? For rectangular tables, you will definitely need a rectangular umbrella. A rectangular umbrella does the job pretty well on a smaller size than a round umbrella. Sure you can use a round umbrella for a rectangular table, but you will need to have a big round umbrella to cover the rectangular table plus the people under it.

But, what if you-for all the different reasons-have a round table yet does not want to use the round umbrella? Unlike the one-fitting round umbrella, a rectangular umbrella is actually all-fitting when it comes to patio table umbrellas. You can have a round table, install a rectangular umbrella, and no one will complain about your choice of umbrella. Because of how adaptable it is, many people prefer to use rectangular umbrellas to round umbrellas. If you want to go for a safe middle, you can also get and install a hexagonal umbrella, which is basically half-round and half-squares.

All in all, those two reasons are the two reasons why you should get a rectangle patio table umbrella and not the round one.

Finally, after getting your most preferred rectangular shaped umbrella, you still must pay attention to find a store which sell a replacement glass for patio table with umbrella hole. This is important just in case your glass table is broken.

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