How to Build Patio Roof Attached To House

How To Build Patio Roof Attached To House

How To Build Patio Roof Attached To House

How to build patio roof attached to house and make it as impressive décor to your existing house? There are several things that you need to consider before you make your project. You need to have good plan to prevent failure on your design.

How to Choose Patio Roof Material

While you decide to add patio roof to your house, there are several types of material that you can choose. The material chooses is more crucial as this will determine the quality from the patio roof that will be installed. The material that you need to buy is the one that as string as enough to handle elements in long time but also lightweight to keep you feel comfortable while sitting underneath it. Here is some of most popular material of patio cover that you can choose.


• Pros: it has nature beauty. It is timeless and difficult to match. It also available in types, color and textures that will be great to style your house.

• Cons: it demand higher price when meet with gorgeous appearance. Woods will need scheduled repainting and sanding. The wood material tends to peeling, rotting and warping.


• Pros: it is low maintenance. You will no need to sanded or repainted in certain years. Buy high quality vinyl can be more durable material rather than wood as it less to rot, crack or peeled.

• Cons: the appearance. Vinyl look inexpensive and also it will fade overtime.


• Pros: it has great durability, minimal maintenance and also low cost. It is also more affordable option if you have limited budget.

• Cons: it is tend to heat retention. Material from aluminum panel may make you feel uncomfortable when stand under them.

Start to Build Your Patio Roof

Here is what you need to do to build patio roof into your house.

• First step: Design the roof extension over the existing patio house. First, estimates the sightline of the clearance height. Next, determine the beam size. After that chose the roof pitch, and the roof structure.

• Second. Construction. Eased the rough cut from the beam and posts with power planner and pre-stained the entire material. Cut the posts to the length and fasten to the post bases with the lag bolts and also plumbed into the position. The horizontal beams are chamfered along the top of bearing point of rafters. The beams are temporarily braced into the place and the two outer rafters are placed into position to show how much the existing roofing that should be removed. Removed the eave and truss tails are cut off, the exact of bearing point from rafters will be determined. Place the ledger between the two outer rafters and subsequent rafters that notched into sit top of the ledger. Blocking space between rafters give the wall; for clear termination spot. The blocking gives air space into top of ventilation channel. In the end of beam, fasten the rafters use screws through the top of rafters into beam. Attach the roof deck to the top of rafters between the boards. The black roofing felt will accent the shadows gap from under. Apply OSB into felt paper and ensure no roofing nails. The temporary bracing beam / posts connection can be removed with custom plate’s connector.

Before you start your project, you can find out from many tutorials on how to build patio roof attached to house that can help you guiding to your project. Indeed, many users i.e. homeowners are fascinated to know how to attach a patio roof to an existing house.

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