How Much Patio Door Replacement Cost

Patio Door Replacement Cost

Patio Door Replacement Cost

How much patio door replacement cost? Patio door is unique because it broad your exterior space living. The cost will varies depend to the project.

  • Replacement Cost
  • When you consider replacing your patio door, the cost will depend on upgrades or repairing damage that make you need to consider replace certain part or replace entire door from your existing patio door. ? Install patio doors average is $2500 and it ranges $1200 to $11000. The price includes professional installation that cost per hour at $70 and $100. The typical job will need 3-5 hours to complete. When you hire the professional, it can save you time, money and correct installation at one time.
  • 1. Full door. If you replace your entire door, you will need to estimate your cost between $600 to $500 and it already include with labor cost. The cost included is depending to style and entrance size that you desire to install.

    2. Glass. If you just want to replace glass in your patio door then you need to prepare estimate cost $150 to $1000. The price includes labor which cost between $150 and $3000. There is more standard option of glass which gives feature option of opening insulation and prevents harmful UV rays to enter home with Low-R glass type.

    3. Knob. Most of patio door knob and handles price ranges in $40 to $100. If you hire professional labor, it can cost $75 to $150.

    4. Sliding panel. When you need to replace the sliding panel, it will cost $450 to $700 in average. The price is includes labor and disposal the existing door, broken or the usable panel. Once you replace more than one panel door, then it is better to replace with entirely new patio door.

    5. Rollers. To replace your roller it will cost between $20 and $50 just for the part. The cost when use professional hire require $50 to $150.

  • The other factors that you need to consider when replace your patio door such as additional features you want to add to patio door.
  • • Add screen doors. It is use for keep the insects out even when the air flowing to home. When choose retractable screen doors, it will be more expensive.

    • Adding insulation. This will help you to reduce your energy bills.

    • Security. There are upgraded security such as locking system and double point system.

  • Which is the Best? DIY or Hire Professional?
  • When you have project in your home, you might challenge to handle by doing DIY project. However, will be it best option to do? The biggest factor when you start the project is the door cost itself. The cost of the patio door will varies depend on style and material of patio door you choose.

    If your exterior living space opening has not been created yet, it is important for hiring the professional contractor. Install your patio door by yourself can take longer than you expect. Make estimation of cost that you need when you want to start replacement of patio door. You also can ask professional to estimate your patio door replacement cost.

    But, the most important thing around the replacement cost for your patio door is that you must get the cost matched with your entire cheap patio design ideas.

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