Choosing the Best Mobile Home Patio Doors

Mobile Home Patio Doors

Mobile Home Patio Doors

Mobile home patio doors are various. But first, what is mobile home actually? Mobile home is a structure which is fabricated. It is used as a permanent house before it is brought to the site. Mobile home may be able to be asked to move because of legal reasons. There are 2 most used patio doors for mobile home, they are sliding glass door and French door. Here are the pros and cons of both sliding glass door and also French door.

Pros and Cons of Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass door is really a great option to choose if your mobile house is in minimalist design. Moreover, this kind of door is pretty affordable so that it is suitable for you who do not have a lot of budget for patio door.

The Pros
1. Sliding door which is made from glass as patio door is really easy to use. You just need to gently nudge it and it will automatically moves. This easiness happens because the track supports the whole weight of the sliding panels.
2. Sliding glass door does not have any hinge to open and close. So that if you choose this kind of door for your patio door, you will be able to safe more spaces in your mobile home. Even though you open it fully, sliding glass door does not take any space. It is really a great choice for mobile home because mobile home is mostly small and does not have a lot of spaces.
3. Sliding door from glass has its own design of security. The aim is to make the door which is already fixed cannot be lifted off from the rails.

The Cons
1. If you choose sliding door which is made from glass for your patio door, there may be a noise because of the slide operation. Even though the design nowadays has already developed, there may be still a noise. So that for you who does not really like noisy situation, this kind of door may not suitable for you.

Pros and Cons of French Door

French door will bring classy and elegant look to your mobile house. Some value will be added to your mobile home if you choose this kind of door as your patio door. Nevertheless, whatever your choice of patio doors, please think about patio door replacement cost when the replacement occasion will come in future. Moreover, French door is resistant to dent.

The Pros
1. Clean and fresh ventilation is provided in your mobile house if you choose French door as your patio door. French door has 2 doors and both of them is able to be opened fully. It allows fresh and clean air to come into your mobile home.
2. French door is easy to access. You are able to open the whole width of this kind of door.

The Cons
1. You are not able to place any furniture near French door, because this kind of door swings into your indoor area.

French door as patio door requires some spaces. So that it is not really suitable for your small mobile home patio doors.

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