5 Simple Steps on How to Extend a Roof over a Patio

How To Extend A Roof Over A Patio

How To Extend A Roof Over A Patio

If you are seeking for information about how to extend a roof over a patio then you are coming to the right article. But what is actually a Patio? Patio is derived from Spanish language which means yard. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, it refers to terrace. A terrace in Spanish house style is usually completed with a large outdoor and commonly it is used for a non-formal event. A patio is garden inside the house to be used as a mini landscape view to complement your building’s look.

The implementation of patio design is not only for backyard but also for terrace or side-terrace purpose. In fact, house nowadays do not have sufficient space for backyard. A small terrace in the corner or in the middle of the house can also be considered as terrace by the owner to get fresh air from the outside. If you are on budget to make renovation or some hope repair then there are some simple steps as below:
1. Shop Around
It is very fundamental for you to shop around for getting materials and by doing this, you are able to get the best price. For instance, in the same city, in an area of less than 5 miles, the difference in prices may also vary. The average cost spent for material ranging from $800 up to $2200.
2. Be Flexible to Set the Size
Creating a roof over the patio house may be very stressing. However, one of the best solutions to enjoy the process of extending a roof over a patio house is by being flexible in setting the size. Take for an example, a size of 4”x4” joints and is allowed to be replaced by 6” x 2” joints and 10” x 2” headers.
3. Watch Out for the Store Associates!
This is important to note that there are aggressive store associates who want to drag customer into a buying frenzy all of sudden. Usually it brings a notification that requires us to buy more to saving more.
4. Getting Building Permit
Some people say that a building permit was not really important. Meanwhile, some other people think that it would be impossible to receive a building permit without having the contractor’s license. In fact, receiving the building permit is actually easier than thought.
5. Start Making Construction on the Patio of Cover
• Install a ledger board
One of the decorations for patio cover is by implementing the ledger b
• Dig Holes for the Post
It is quite hard to find where to dig the post holes. Thus, to start with, you can dig the holes by using a simple shovel. Next, you can use your garden hoes in order to tamp down and compact the dirt or stain at the bottom part of the holes.
• Make Them Even

Last but not least, once the posts were placed in the post holes, do not forget to make them even.

Those are all 5 simple steps that you should know and implement about how to extend a roof over a patio. This information is as important as how to attach a patio roof to an existing house.

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